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Hello without a doubt about a real tale

Hello without a doubt about a real tale

Wifes buddy by nufc-geordie

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The Wife’s Drunken Buddy,

We met my partner Claire 12 years back, she seemed stunning 36d boobs, slim body and long feet, good round arse and incredibly tight pussy, she constantly liked to tease me personally. If ever she could she had her fingers, lips or pussy around my cock, without a doubt because im just over 10 inch’s in the pants area about myself im John 6ft6 18 stone and play rugby, my nickname is Bull, not because i play rugby but. That is sufficient about me personally, Claire had a few buddies that have been hot and additionally they were constantly over the house and might see them giggling and seeking my method but that switched Claire on and I also constantly got rewarded when they had kept, also often then she went back into living room to say goodbye to her mates by giving then a quick kiss on there lips before they left, one or two even asked what lipstick or balm she used because it tasted nice if i was in kitchen Claire would be under table sucking me off, letting me shoot my spunk into her mouth which she greedly swallowed and licked the rest of my come off her lips. We usually though of asking before they left but i was to affraid Claire would blow her lid and leave, but im getting of the story, it all started when Claire asked if there was any jobs at my place as Donna had just lost her’s, i always got on with Donna more than any of her other mates, we seemed to be on the same daft wave length if they all wanted to blow me. Strangly there was clearly a couple of jobs inside my spot, one of those being working the exact same shift as me personally and I also were able to but a beneficial term in and very quickly Donna had been working inside my spot, as she lived across the street we took turns driving, over time we were a lot more like wife and husband at your workplace just how we continued by daft games and always coming and making in identical vehicle. Continue reading Hello without a doubt about a real tale